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Response function sources and set names

Filter set
Response source

Johnson, Cousins UBVRI(JHK) johnson_ Johnson (1966) and Bessell (2005) -
Tycho Vt and Bt tycho_ Bessell (2000) -
Bessell UBVRIJHKL bessell_ Bessell and Brett (1988), Bessell (1990) and Bessell et al (1998) -
SDSS ugriz sdss_ Fukugita et al (1996) SDSS website
2MASS JHKs 2mass_ Cohen et al (2003) and Skrutskie et al (2006) 2mass documentation
MKO JHK mko_ Simons and Tokunaga (2002) and Tokunaga et al (2002) JAC (response given in %)
UKIRT ZYJHK ukirt_ Hawarden et al (2001) JAC
IRAS 12, 25, 60 and 100 μm iras_ Neugebauer et al (1984) Caltech (response in e-/Unit Energy)
SCUBA(1) 450WB and 850WB scuba_ Holland et al (1999) JAC (response in e-/Unit Energy)
IRAC [3.6], [4.5], [5.8] and [8.0] irac_ Reach et al (2005) IRAC handbook.(2)
MIPS, 24, 70 and 160 μm mips_ - MIPS website (response in e-/Unit Energy)
CIT JHK cit_ Elias et al (1982) and Stephens and Leggett (2004) CTIO
Herschel PACS blue, green and red pacs_ Poglitsch et al (2008) and Poglitsch et al (2010) PACS observers' manual
Herschel SPIRE 250, 350 and 500 spire_ Griffin et al (2008) and Griffin et al (2010) SPIRE observers' manual
CFHT 12K (Mould) V, R and I cfht12k__ - CFHT website
CFHT Mega Prime u*, g', r', i' and z' megaprime_ - CFHT Website
WISE*W1, W2, W3 and W4 wise__ Wright et al (2010) & Jarrett et al (2011) WISE Website

(1) SCUBA 2 filters will be similar to SCUBA. (2) The gain is required as IRAC magnitudes are: M=-2.5Log10(DN)-Zeropoint, where DN (data number) = e-/Gain . Where the gain for each channel is as follows: [3.6]=3.3, [4.5]=3.7, [5.8]=3.8 and [8.0]=3.8
*= New filters, beta version

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