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Privacy and cookie policy

This site uses cookies to manage logins and google analytics for site analysis.


Upon login the server sets a session cookie (exeter-bd-server) which expires when the browser quits. This enables the "My saved jobs" link in the sidebar to take you directly to you home ("saved jobs") page. The cookie can be made permanent by clicking on the "Remember me" button on your home page.

Clicking the logout link from your home page deletes the cookie and logs you out. Logging out does not break a bookmark to your home page, which is permanent, it just means that the "My saved jobs" link will now take you to a form to email you a link to your home page.

(Prior to June 18th 2012 all cookies were permanent: logging out and returning to your home page via a bookmark or one-tome link will give you a new session-only cookie.)


The javascript used to generate the folder images on your home page sets session cookies whose names begin with "cons".

Google analytics

In common with the rest of the University of Exeter, and many other sites, we use Google analytics which at the time of writing sets the following cookies:

  • utma
  • utmb
  • utmc
  • utmz
For more details see the University of Exeter Website Privacy Policy.

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