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Astrophysics group

Isochrones and Mass Tracks

This tool provides the magnitudes and colours of our models from the completed grids. Models for the "physics" grid (explained here) were used in Mayne and Harries (2010). The photometry is provided in isochrone or mass track format for 3 different filter selections: age (optical), mass (NIR) and disc fraction (Spitzer and MIPS).
Use the box below to select the required model, and magnitude and colour set (10 inclinations for non-zero disc masses).

If the Disc Mass is zero, the Disc Radius and Alpha are ignored.

Saving downloaded data

Some browers have problems saving pages of text which have been generated by an on-line form. They appear to save the page correctly but the contents of the file are just an error message. If you have this problem choose "Download" as the Action rather than "View" on the form below. This will generate a file download directly.


[What does this choice mean?]




Accretion Rate
(Log(Macc/Msol yr-1))

Areal Coverage

Disc Mass

Disc radius

(ρ∝ r,h∝ rβ, Σβ-α=conserved)

Data Type


Data required



(if disc mass ≠ zero)

(See note above)

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